In Touch Therapy was established in 2002 to provide top quality physical therapy services to the Southside Virginia and surrounding areas.  We provide a friendly, professional healing environment where people can achieve their goals.  We use cutting edge technology to help people get pain relief, regain motion, increase strengthen and return to normal function.  All of this is done with the utmost care and concern for each individual.  We want to get you results!

What To Expect
An in-depth evaluation is performed to determine the exact cause of the problem.  Once that has been done, a hands-on (manual) approach is often used to decrease the pain quickly (many times immediately).  Once the symptoms have responded to manual treatment a simple, brief but specific exercise routine is given to the patient to begin gaining control of any residual problems.  

Once the pain, stiffness or other complaints are better a specific, individualized exercise program is developed to strengthen the problem area and progress the long term control and prevention of the symptoms.  The analogy is often made at In Touch Therapy of teaching someone to fish versus catching them a fish.  We want to teach you how to “catch fish” (give you control of a problem) on your own.  

In Touch Therapy has specialized in orthopedic manual physical therapy of the spine and extremities.  We seek to find the cause of the problem and many times we can help with out surgery and significant reduction in the need for medication.  We provide physical therapy treatment for any problem which limits your ability to move or perform your normal daily and recreational activities.  Problems that we often see (but not limited to) include:

“Frozen Shoulder”    •  Arthritis Pain 
Arthroscopic Surgery       •  Back Pain
Chronic Pain   •  Coccyx/Tailbone pain
Fibromyalgia            •  Foot & Ankle Pain 
Headaches     •  Hip & Knee Pain 
Incontinence   •  Joint Replacement 
Mid-Back Pain         •  Multiple Sclerosis 
Neck Pain        •  Parkinson's Disease 
Pelvic Pain/Dysfunction    • Post Stroke Rehabilitation
Post Surgical Rehab •  Shoulder Pain 
Sports Injuries          •  Stiffness 
Stress Disorders       •  TMJ Dysfunction 
Work Injuries     •  Wrist & Hand Pain 
Vestibular/Inner Ear  

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