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•Arthritis Pain                         •  Headaches 

•Arthroscopic Surgery         •  Back Pain

•Chronic Pain                         •  Coccyx/Tailbone pain

•Fibromyalgia                        •  Foot & Ankle Pain 

•Hip Pain & Knee Pain          • “Frozen Shoulder”

•Incontinence                        •  Joint Replacement 

•Mid-Back Pain                     •  Multiple Sclerosis 

•Neck Pain                             •  Parkinson's Disease 

•Pelvic Pain/Dysfunction    •  Post Stroke Rehabilitation

•Post Surgical Rehab           •  Shoulder Pain 

•Sports Injuries                      •  Stiffness 

•Stress Disorders                  •  TMJ Dysfunction 

•Work Injuries                        •  Wrist & Hand Pain 

•Vestibular/Inner Ear           

In Touch Therapy was established in 2002 to provide top quality physical therapy services to the Southside Virginia and surrounding areas.  We provide a friendly, professional, healing environment where people can achieve their goals.  We use cutting edge technology to help people get pain relief, regain motion, increase strengthen and return to normal function.  All of this is done with the utmost care and concern for each individual.  We want to get you results!

About Us

Providing you with the best care.

Helping You, Help Yourself.

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